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“If we practise meditation daily,
rest assured that the problems of our life,
inner and outer, are solved.”
– Sri Chinmoy

About meditation

“The meditation-path is a sunlit path
Leading to the Destination
Of the Beyond.”
– Sri Chinmoy

First steps

“Life is given to each human being
For a very special purpose.
This secret each human being
Must discover for himself.”
– Sri Chinmoy


Meditation Demonstration

What is meditation? Here is a beautiful demonstration

Guided Meditations

Free guided meditation downloads. Guided meditation can be very beneficial during the formative stages of your practice, helping to keep your mind focused


Heart Meditation

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our heart-based meditation will offer you powerful and effective ways of improving your life


 About the Classes

Our classes and workshops are offered free of charge as an opportunity to learn how to meditate and enjoy its many benefits in daily life. You will learn a variety of techniques and we will help you to establish your own daily practice.


Music for Meditation

Free downloads of meditative music to assist with the establishment of your own daily practice

Amazing Documentary

Ever wondered how meditation can change your life? Check out this amazing documentary

Phone App for Daily Meditation Quotes

Wake up each day to a life-transforming, inspirational quote from this collection of hundreds of aphorisms by spiritual master Sri Chinmoy. Available on iPhone and Android.


Stress Relief Exercise

Many people want to know how they can meditate when they are very stressed or exhausted. Try this 5-minute exercise to get yourself back on track. Step 1: Don’t think of meditation right now. To go directly from a state of stress or exhaustion to a state of meditation...

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Stopping the Thought Process

Thinking and meditating are two totally different things. The aim of meditation is to free ourselves from all thought, Sri Chinmoy says. Unfortunately, the endless flow of thoughts through the mind is the major barrier that beginners encounter in meditation. It...

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The Art of Concentration

Much of the hard work of learning to meditate is done in the preliminary stages. After you have learnt how to breathe correctly, it is time to perfect the art of concentration. Sri Chinmoy explains it like this: “It is the work of concentration to clear the roads when...

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