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Spiritual Music on iTunes

Flute Music for Meditation (Sri Chinmoy)
Esraj: My Heart-Sky (Sri Chinmoy)
Oneness-Bliss-Abode (Sri Chinmoy)
Aum/Om Ocean Meditation (Sri Chinmoy/Premik Russell Tubbs)
Millennia (Alap Jetzer)
Temple Song Hearts

Books on Amazon

Amazon’s Sri Chinmoy page
Amazon’s Vidagdha Bennett page (books about Sri Chinmoy’s early life)
Amazon’s Grahak Cunningham page (self-transcendence through running)

The Peace Run

Races in Australia and New Zealand

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Sri Chinmoy Centre Cafés, Restaurants and Gift Stores

Members of Sri Chinmoy Centres in Australia and New Zealand own and operate a number of vegetarian cafes, restaurants and gift stores. Here they aim to create an environment where people can experience a peaceful and serene atmosphere, along with wholesome and nourishing food. If you are travelling, we encourage you to visit the following oases of the heart:

Joy-Discovery Café – A popular vegetarian café located in central Adelaide:

Rainbow Heart-Sky – A unique florist and gift shop located in the historic tourist village of Hahndorf, South Australia:

My Rainbow-Dreams – A busy vegetarian café in Dickson, Canberra:

The Blue Bird Café – A vegetarian café in the inner city suburb of Mt Eden, Auckland:

The Lotus-Heart – A vegetarian restaurant and health food store located in one premises:

Gandharva Loka – A world music store offering a wide range of top quality hard-to-find musical instruments sourced from around the world: