About the Free Meditation Classes

There are many reasons why you might want to learn to meditate—for peace of mind, better health, spiritual fulfillment—but no matter what brings you to meditation for some answers, we all have one thing in common: we all have the ability to become good meditators.

Anybody can meditate . . . the only requirement is our inner aspiration to still the mind and dive deep within, where we will find all the secrets for a more fulfilling life.

It is for this reason the Melbourne Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free meditation classes and workshops on a regular basis. No matter if you are a complete beginner or have some meditation experience, our classes are bound to offer you something new and inspiring in your quest to become a meditator and experience its positive benefits.

The classes are offered free of charge at the request of our teacher Sri Chinmoy in the traditional way that meditation has always been taught – from one heart to another.

Each person experiences meditation in his or her own way. Our classes give you a set of basic meditation techniques that have been taught to us by Sri Chinmoy called “Heart Meditation”. Heart meditation offers an entirely new way of experiencing yourself and the world around you. It develops a sense of deep intuitive awareness and oneness, and promotes a feeling of peace that is quite tangible.

In our classes we teach the following techniques:

  • • creative visualisation
  • • proper breathing
  • • concentration techniques: object-based, subject-based, mantra
  • • meditating with music

We also instruct you on setting up your home practice, the best time of day to meditate, eating patterns, posture, exercise and meditation and a number of other lifestyle factors.

The aim of the classes is to give you first-hand experiences of these techniques so that you can develop an on-going practice and establish yourself as a meditator. The classes are informal and are usually held in the evenings and weekends in city and suburban locations.

Our teachers are experienced meditators who have studied directly under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy for many years.